Light Side

- 3" Fresh Fruit tarts available in strawberry and blueberry, other flavors seasonally 

- Cake parfait made with our vanilla or devils food cake and buttercream frosting. This fun treat is layered with cake, frosting, and sprinkles. Inquiry for more options and pricing. 

- Stuffed ice cream cookie sandwiches.  


- Brownie Sundae topped with ice cream, candied pecans, chocolate ganache,  caramel, and whipped topping. 

- Creme Brulee is made with our  rich and creamy house custard that has just a hint of espresso for a fun twist. 

- Cream Puffs filled with ice cream, also available in Gluten Free. (Not a Gluten Free certified facility.) 


- 10" New York Style cheesecake with your choice of Salted .Caramel, house made Ganache, or Cherry topping 

- Chocolate French silk pie 


- Apple Pie , made with tart granny apples, and  bits of caramel. 

- Peach pie with pecans and a hint of cinnamon 

- Lemon bars 

Our Bakery Case 

- Muffins available in Chocolate Chip, Raspberry, Blueberry Cream Cheese, and Pumpkin Cream Cheese 

- Scones available in White Chocolate Raspberry, Cinnamon Chip, and Cranberry Orange  

- Cupcakes available by 1/2 dozens + flavors in Vanilla, Devils Food, or Red Velvet 

- Cut out Sugar Cookies  l  minimum order of 1 dozen 

Sweets, Treats, & more. . . 

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